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     Below is the Electrip Studio list. A description and it's uses in the recording studio follows each piece of equipment. Some kit mentioned is also on the wish list and may hopefully be joining the rest of the gear. Hopefully!

Pentium III 600 with 512 MB RAM
12.7 GB Hard Drive with CD/DVD Drive and CD/CD-r Drive
Voodoo 3 3000 Graphics Card
SB41000 Cable Modem with High-Speed connection
Creative Soundblaster Live! Drive Soundcard and Bay
Evolution MK-149 MIDI Keyboard
Cambridge Soundworks FourPoint Surround FPS1600 Speakers

Selected software programs running on system:
Adaptec Easy CD Creator/Direct CD
Vienna Soundfont Studio
dBpowerAMP Music Converter
Evolution Sound Studio
Hammerhead Rhythm Station v1.0
Steinberg Cubase VST 5.1*(see below for plug-ins)
Stuff It v7.0

*VST plug-ins(not all vst shown)
Bojo Software Effects(Flanger/Lo-Fi/Overdrive/Ringmodulator/Tremolo/Wavechanger) v1.10
SupaPhaser v2.0
Steinberg Karlette Delay
Izotope Vinyl emulator
Muon CM-101 Analogue Modelling Synth
AudioNerdz Delay Lama
GakStoar Delta Analogue Modelling Synth
JX-220 v1.0
LoopAzoid sample player
Muon Tau Software Synthesizer
SR-202 Drum Machine
Triangle I Software Synth
mda Piano
M-Tron Mellotron Emulator
Reaktor v3.0 Modular Synth
CS-40 Software Synth
JX-16 Software Synth

Tanglewood 4-string Bass guitar
Yamaha PSR-200 keyboard
Fender Squier Strat 6-string electric guitar
Western 6-string acoustic guitar
Tunable bongos with stand
Brass doumbek
Kabak Kemane
Squire SP10 Amp
Marshall B25 MK2 Amp
Behringer V-amp 2 Virtual Amp Unit
Behringer Tube Composer T1952
Radio Shack Reverb Unit
Guide DTA-1 Desk Top Amp
Korg EA-1 Analog Modeling Synth
Korg ES-1 Rhythm Production Sampler
Artley Flute
3/4-size Spanish acoustic guitar
Oud Eleven-String
Korg MS2000 Analog Modeling Synthesizer
Fostex VF160 Digital Multitracker
Dan Armstrong Amp(faulty)
Tamashi TMP-002 Dynamic Microphone
Ken Multi MCH-7 Chorus Pedal
Aria AOD-1 Overdrive Pedal
Phythm Pick and Harmonica
JVC Digital Ready HA-D424 headphones
Kenwood A-H5 Stereo System