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The FarOut Multimedia Catalogue

  If you would like to purchase any of the product below please e-mail is discuss payment and delivery options. Please note that the cassettes and compact discs for sale on this site are not professional made but are hand-made using home computer software. With this in mind every product though of a similar nature will not be exact as another, this is to be accepted in hand-made products. It allows you to have a 'one-of-a-kind' so to speak especially made for you!

COMMISIONER GORDON Commision KMC 01/COS (cassette only)
The Commisioner     4.46
I'm gonna start a universes war     5.02
I depend on the stupidity of others     7.03
Master/Ruler     6.31
Future Universes     12.06
If I ruled the world     8.22
Bye,Bye     3.15

C.Gordon - vocals and all instruments

COMMISIONER GORDON Commisioner II KMC 02/COS (cassette only)
My world     2.00
Commisioner Rave     0.40
Medley     1.34
Commisioner Rave(reprise)     0.14
Bye, Bye Live(Totup)     2.00
'Gonna destroy your universes     1.43
Winnie the Pooh dies     0.46
Christopher Robin dies     0.14
Pledge your Love     1.00
A-Team/Killing Floor     2.23
Sport     0.22
Destruction     2.14
Star-Trek     4.06
Changeling     2.30
Classical Medley     2.25
'Gonna destroy your systems     1.23
Going down     0.54
Burn, Burn, Burn     0.53
I've got a face     2.57
Ricky     0.33
I depend on the stupidity of others II     4.14
Twinkle, Twinkle little star     2.05*
Dream     2.39
Scratching a record     0.28
Rumble in the jungle     2.27
Last message     0.33

All songs written by C.Gordon except * which is a traditional song with an arrangement by C.Gordon.

C.Gordon - vocals, guitar, harmonica, kazoo
Chief O'Hara - drums, tambourine, maraca
Kloyn Zeedmon - bass, boo-bams
Job Lanoo - keyboards, synthesizers
Bob Nag - violin
Bill Sag - violin
Cod Face - cello
Nasty Nils - trumpet
Danu Kranu - trumpet
Jack Seesaw - trombone
Tony Iony - trombone
Father Abrahams - flute

"It's not over. Not over. Look over. Look over your shoulder. It's your oldfriend. Be sure to send. Yourself away. I'll save your day. He's back. He's back. In abundance. It's Gordon. Commisioner Gordon."
- taken from sleeve notes from cassette issue.

Available on CDR £9.99 with full artwork
ELECTRIP Crimes of the Future KCD 01 2000
Suzuki's Cardboard Box     7.19
Amplified One     3.19
Drone Electronica     5.12
Plus 10%     5.37
Interlude     0.56
Crimes of the Future     4.52
The Burning Brain     3.37
Introduction to Communication     1.32
Grapefruit Crush     7.25
Variation 3     6.00

Recorded April-August 2000 by Electip at Electrip Studios. Recorded on Yamaha MT400 multitrack cassette recorder.

Electrip - hohner seven-piece percussion set, tanglewood bass guitar, squire strat six-string electric guitar, radio shack electronic reverb unit, yamaha psr-200 keyboard, mch-7 chorus pedal, aod-1 overdrive pedal, goodmans microphone and congas.

The debut album produced by Electrip is a very lo-fi affair with many of the tracks harking back to the music of the late 1960's and early '70's. The music seems to be heavy influenced by music from Neu, early Tangerine Dream and Cluster and maybe a slight nod in the direction of Guru Guru. Track one has a slow sliding blues bassline bobbing between a shuffling drum. Upon which plays a gentle guitar and repeating piano. This is one of my favourites from the album. "Amplified One","Plus 10%" and "Grapefruit Crush" are late night jams and lose it from time to time."Drone Electronica" is what is says, a long unshifting drone piece, with what appears to be an electronic drum backing - this one could have been made longer and still have been okay, it seems to end just as its carrying you away. "The Burning Brain" is straight copy from Tangerine Dreams 1969 album 'Electronic Mediation' only shorter, more compact. An overall decent album, just a shame about the quality of the recording as this seems to muffle some of the sounds and nuance of the tracks.
- taken from review on

COMMISIONER GORDON Nothing can stop me now KMC 03/COS (cassette only)
Making my way in the world today     5.02
Killing days(fuzzface)     2.16
Pocket full of questions     3.30
A good old boy     1.33
Family ties     3.49
Aftermath     1.06
You light up my life     1.28
I don't want nothing much     5.54
At the heart of my war     3.49
Who do you think?     1.55
Nothing can stop me now     11.59
Twelve minus one     2.22
Ode to Ripley+Live     1.26
Focus on your life     2.42
Upon the my-oh-my     3.32
Grinding bones     1.02
I depend on the stupidity of others III     2.10
Um bongo     0.19
I say you've had enough     0.53
A song about Commisioner     2.24
"track 11"     1.01

Awaiting cover.
THE COUNCIL OF STYLE Council of Style KMC 06/COS (cassette only)

THE COUNCIL OF STYLE Council of Style 2 KMC 07/COS (cassette only)

THE COUNCIL OF STYLE Pure Genius KMC 08/COS (cassette only)

Available on CDR £9.99
VOLUME ONE Computer Retro KCD 02 2000
The Driver     4.44
Calling     6.15
FunkOne O One     9.05
0000 - FFFF     4.29
Rev     3.14
For Your Love(Parts 1-3)     13.51
On the Coast Road     3.24
Eightbyeight     1.32
Moving     4.17
Give it to me     9.36

Recorded between August-October 2000 at Electrip Studios. Recorded using Total eJay and ProDJ computer programs for PC. Samples taken from debut self-titled Suicide album.

Volume One - pentium 3 PC running music software

As the album suggests this is a electronic lookback at computer or computer-like music made over the years. It focuses mainly on the dance scene of the 90's and covers hip hop, vocal house, drum n bass and hardcore techno. The album is chock full of the sounds that made that music great - the gradual build-ups, thumping basslines and catchy leads are all here. The album also makes a good showcase for the software products it used as anyone who own them would testify, and anyone thinking of producing their own dance tracks using eJay or prodj could do worse than listen to this album for ideas on how to structure there very own songs.
- friends review for website

THE COUNCIL OF STYLE Just Tuning Up KMC 09/COS (cassette only)

Available on CDR £19.99/MC £14.99  with full cover artwork
THE COUNCIL OF STYLE Don't Ignore the Style of the Councils Order (D.I.S.C.O.) KCD 03 2000/COS and KMC 10/COS(cassette)
D.I.S.C.O.     0.57
Clever Fellow     2.06
You've got to get this one     1.13
I'm in the mood for dancing     0.59
No more Him comic and magazine     1.43
I used to love Him     1.17
I'm a demon     2.07
He's real     2.53
Sams snack     5.26
La Camanatu     2.01
Child of Stumness     2.36
Skullbone     0.42
Medley     2.36
When he was in the wasteland     3.18
Don't you love COS?     2.41
Come on Irene     1.15
Here's a bloke who doesn't love Him     0.38
I'm a murderer     3.23
You love COS/Minder     3.14
Don't you love COS?(reprise)     1.20

Special thanks to COS Records for the reissue of this album. Remastered at Electrip Studios.

Skar Rusda - vocals
Gandalf - acoustic and electric guitars
Golem - drums, percussion
Tolkein - organ keyboards
Smeagle - harmonica

Available on CDR £29.99 with full cover artwork and lyrics sheet (Note: Limited press-run of only 100 copies)
A good old boy     1.34
I depend on the stupidity of others II     2.11
'Gonna destroy yoyr systems     1.21
I don't want nothing much     5.58
At the heart of my war     3.40
He's got a message     0.19
Destruction     2.11
Focus on your life     2.43
Going down     0.54
'Gonna destroy your universes     1.38
Grinding Bones     1.02
I've got a face     2.58
Killing days(fuzzface)     2.14
Pledge your love     0.54
Pocket full of Questions     3.29
Scratching a record     0.27
Twinkle, twinkle little star     2.05
Um bongo     0.19
Winnie the Pooh dies     0.44
Bye Bye     3.18

Available on CDR £9.99 with full cover artwork
ELECTRIP Adventures in the Forbidden Zone KCD 04 2001
Alien Communication     2.16
Discovery Three     5.37
Stardancer     3.55
Set for Stun     6.53
Lone Walker + Machines     2.41
Interstellar Interlude     0.54
Spaceblues     1.07
Not high in heaven     5.01
On the move     3.03
Impervious Darkness     4.03
5468-WSB    2.58
Objections     2.51
Forbidden Planet     3.11

Recorded at Electrip/FarOut Studios, Nov-Dec 2000.

Electrip - electric guitar,microphone, oscillator(x3), feedback delay, splicer, splitter, hp filter and pentium 3 600 running software(mass v1.1,pro dj 1.4,musicmatch jukebox and n-track studio v1.2)

This second album shows a much wider range of influences and styles, from the soundtrack to the Forbidden Planet with its gurgling and warbling oscillators to uptempo guitar and drum tracks. It appears a lot of sampling has been involved on this album as when as some sort of phaser unit. Track two with its repeating drum pattern and echo/phased guitar creates a cavernous sound. "Stardancer" uses backwards sampled guitar loops over a funky bassline, while "Set for Stun" uses conga's and a house drum beat to create a mantric styled song which is just laden with phase. A Kraftwerk number is produced in "Not high in Heaven", which the title I believe is taken from their debut album only translated from German. This is Kraftwerk circa.1973 and is a very simple affair and perhaps runs on for too long. Track eleven is just a collection of samples clumped together to fill a three minute gap. "Objections" bass bubbles along underneath an altering drum rhythm with a cracking kick drum. The album ends as it began with a twittering, pulsating sci-fi sound.
- taken from review on

Available on CDR £9.99 with full cover artwork
ELECTRIP Transistor
Voyces ov Reson
Tyme to Change
Thought ov Food
Burroughed Inn
Neu Surownd

Recorded June 2002 at the Electrip/FarOut Studios.
Note: the CDR features bonus tracks by the artists Pop Idle and Him.

Electrip - pentium 3 running software programs(cubase 5.1,reaktor 3 and plug-ins)

The latest album release 'Transistor' is marked as a transitional piece by Electrip. The music herein is of a minimal electronic nature and on first listen does not seem important, it's only on your second hearing that the nature of the music becomes apparent and a much more satisfying experience.
- taken from review on

Other associated artists

Please note that the following cassette-only releases are not available for sale and are mentioned just to complete the roster of artists who have helped FarOut Multimedia Ltd and VividWorks Ltd thoughout the years past.

HIM Domain Children
HIM Happy Birthday
HIM Bosun Dim the Sim
The artist known as Him still records but has not released anything for a while now, if anything should be released it would that likely be on the FarOut label and be made available on CDR. Him worked heavily with the artists Commisioner Gordon, The Council of Style and the Rocklords.
Him where, Him(vocals), Balrog(keyboards, backing vocals), Simoo(guitars), Dryder(bass) and Styder(drums)

RESISTER Class of '94
The band Resister were mainly a studio project band who create music out of other peoples music. They used a great deal of cuttting and effects in their music. It is very doubtful that any of their albums but see a reissue mainly due to legal issues surrounding chosen samples in the songs.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Believe it or Not!

A follow-on band from Resister. These carried on from where they left-off, but where joined by the self-styled character known as Ripley. Named after characters from the original Ripley books the band went onto create a music as weird and wonderful as their namesake. As with Resister there isn't much chance of BION getting a reissue anytime soon!
BION where Ripley, Poo Kurt, Edward Raysure, Three Ball Charlie and Flying Lesbian.
The final cassette release was a collection of out-takes and studio noodlings and was their answer to their favourite band Faust's famous 'Tapes' collection.


Influenced by their close friends the Rocklords, The Stones Gods created a mixer of powerful rock and experimental composition and including keyboards in their sound which puts a different sound into the equations so these aren't just a straight Rocklords copy band. This album may see a reissue onto FarOut pending discussions.
The Stone Gods where Bob Cratchet(vocals), Tommy Steele(guitar), Tony Iommi(keyboards) and Peter Mayhew(drums).