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     The himdimthesim is a music and arts collective of friends and like minded people. Born of a desire to create something fresh and new, himdimthesim has it's fingers in many pies. Current members include the artists known as Electrip, Him, The Rocklords, Commisioner Gordon, Pop Idle and The Council of Style. This also includes the production teams of VividWorks Ltd and FarOut Multimedia Ltd. Members from thes groups are not with himdimthesim at all times and member come and go sometimes never to return again.

himdimthesim has been a project for around 10-15 years now, but it has only been recently has this has become it's name. The work of himdimthesim will hopefully cover many things - things we enjoy and know and love, and new things that may sprout from these friendships and create something totally different.

With the creation of himdimthesim a new idea has been created and with this website it's one of the first steps in creating something. The World Wide Web allows communication not possible only a few years ago - well to the  members of this collective anyway. Hopefully, the word of himdimthesim will spread and other people from around the globe may wish to join in the experiments - who knows what may happen!

Anyway enough of this talk, have a browse around the website and see what you think, any comments or suggestion would be very grateful - please don't hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address.


At the moment the site is still very much under construction and is the work of one person only at this present time so please be patient if your looking for more as there is still lots of stuff to put down it's just finding the time to do it! Once again thanks for reading.

Website history

June 21 2002
The site is uploaded using trellix and tripod. Links are made to and from the artist webpages and then the next aim is to place the site on search engines to gain traffic.
May-June 2002
Layout and design of the website is started, this is replacing an older website which turned into a bit of a mess, hopefully this one will be much easier to navigate. Goals of this new site are to advertise the artists linked with FarOut Multimedia Ltd and VividWorks Ltd. To begin with links to the affilated sites will be given (ie. the sites of the artists and the VividWorks website), then downloadable mp3's and files will become available. A crude method of album purchase via e-mail  will be made available and depending on the sucess of this maybe a full blown payment system.
Sections on other interests and a hints and tips area will also be included. A collection of our favourite website links will also be included. At the moment the web design is pretty much open as to where it could go but a simple design and layout are the main focus so as to aid visitors around the website.